Thursday, 15 October 2009


This piece references Jackson Pollock's paintings. The first line was mis-spelt by mistake, and so I wrote it again. Just after I put the piece up in my studio, I was told that someone had asked if I had deliberately made a racist comment. Without knowing or realising that 'Pollac' might be interpreted as a slang term for Polish people, I was horrified! So it turns out I've made something unintentionally controversial. What is quite funny, is that I mis-spelt Pollock's name in the first place....bloody fine art students....

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Third Year So Far...

Wow. So year three feels instantly different/terrifying/exciting! Lots of things going on already, brilliant. Started organising London Show too. Oh and our new studios are beautiful, and very warm (expensive underfloor heating!)... I've gone back to drawing, studying growth patterns of plants and cells. The line drawing technique refers to my '10 Commandments: 156,000 Lines' piece, but it has a very different aesthetic and meaning within this new work. The drawings also suggest design plans for 3D pieces, they look very sculptural, which I like!

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Experience Work

'On Borrowed Time' - the title of a show curated and organised by Jemma Hickman, owner of the Bo-Lee Gallery in Bath. The show was held in the Octagon, a beautiful space in the center of Bath, a space which suited the work perfectly. I helped out at the private view, got chatting with some very interesting people... Was great to meet the artists, and was particularly pleased that I got to handle Helmut Newton's 'SUMO' book; the bible catalogues some of his greatest photographs. Artists in the show include Ione Rucquoi, Chris Antony, Lucie Bennett, George Triggs and Natalie Tkachuk. A big thankyou to Jemma for our conversations, and for letting me be involved.


Soooo....this summer I've been working in Bath to earn some dosh, had a wonderful trip away in Cornwall for a week with friends and family, hurtled round the East of England visiting home for pudding parties, and soaked up the sun in Oxfordshire for a bit. Very excited about starting my 3rd year, have missed my studio a LOT this summer. Also starting to organise stuff for Free Range in London next year which should be fun! Hitting the capital soon to see some fantastic shows coming up....Anish Kapoor at the Royal Academy, Turner Prize, and Ed Ruscha at the Hayward in October. Mmmmm lots of inspiration! Will post some images of my own work on here again soon.... Ta ta!

Wednesday, 29 April 2009


The Tablets are made from found furniture and religious text papers. I am at this point researching ideas around the palimpsest and eschatology.  The book pages are not attached to the slats of the doors, they balance precariously. Balance of good and bad, science and religion.

'I'm In Control'

Red shoes and encyclopedia.